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Top 10 ways to have fun with your relative in senior care

Regularly visiting relatives in assisted living or memory care is important because it shows them how much you care, and it’s a great way to stay connected. This brightens up their day and when you make plans for future events, it gives them something to look forward to.

This, however, is easier for some than others, as some may feel awkward or uncomfortable and unsure about what to do or say. So to make it a little easier for those individuals, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things you can do to have fun with your relatives. Even if they struggle with memory problems, the feelings of happiness that comes with your visit and ensuing activities are guaranteed to stick with them.

  1. Keep connected – as stated above, simply visiting can make a huge difference in the routine of assisted living or memory care. Bring a tabletop activity like puzzles or board games that you can all work on together. Talk about places you’ve visited recently and show them pictures and videos you’ve taken!
  2. Listen to music – even if you and your relative don’t have the same taste in music, try listening to some of their favorite albums with them! It can bring back pleasant memories and you might get to hear an untold story!
  3. Reminisce over old photos – break out the photo albums and go back through time with them! You may learn new things about your relatives, and take them back to a happy place in their life.
  4. Bring a family pet – interacting with pets has been shown to reduce a myriad of things including anxiety, depression, stress, and blood pressure – among others. One thing to keep in mind is that not all senior care facilities allow pets so make sure you’re able to bring them before you make your way over!
  5. Eat a meal together – go out to a restaurant for a change in atmosphere, or bring them a to-go package from their favorite place to eat. Or, if their room is equipped with a kitchen or even a kitchenette, make a simple meal with them there!
  6. Get some fresh air – being outside in the open air and sunshine helps increase happiness, and simple walking can improve health immensely. Sometimes this may mean just getting out of the room and walking around the senior care facility, which can be just as beneficial.
  7. Take them on outings – take them out to help run errands if they haven’t gotten a chance to get out themselves. Or, visit something like their favorite ice cream shop, the park, a museum, the mall, or other family members for a family get together. The possibilities are endless!
  8. Give them a massage or manicure – making a relatives’ nails pretty with nail polish is sure to brighten up their day! A gentle massage does everyone good and can be beneficial for overall health.
  9. Read aloud – if your relative has a favorite book series or story, read aloud to them! It’s a good way to connect without the need for a lot of conversation. Even bringing an audiobook is a great way to connect!
  10. Watching a TV show or movie – watch something you used to watch together when you were younger, or bring a new movie they haven’t seen to make new memories! Streaming services make this easier than ever.

Visitors are always welcome at the Village! Call us ahead of time for current COVID-19 protocols, to help make sure you are prepared once you arrive. For more information on our preventative measures, please visit our COVID-19 page.