What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a new retirement-living alternative that offers seniors and their families the security and peace of mind they deserve. Residents are able to live independently in their own private apartments while receiving just the right level of service they need to stay independent.

Assisted living communities offer an extensive and varied program of services tailored to each individual. The services range from help with simple chores to a comprehensive program that enables each resident to have access to round-the-clock personal care assistance in his or her private apartment. Other services include medication reminders and help with daily activities such as dressing, grooming, bathing, and ambulation.

In addition to living in a comfortable, secure setting, residents may join in a variety of social and recreational activities and enjoy the companionship of friends and family in their own apartment or in community areas.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is considered a part of Assisted Living,  but the training of the staff and the design of the living area is more specialized in order to better meet the needs of residents with cognitive problems.  Residents with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other memory degenerative diseases require specialized care which assisted living only communities don’t typically offer. Specialized training and staff are needed to ensure your loved one’s mental needs are met. 

Who Owns This Place?

The property is owned by a small group of investors and is managed by our on site Management team employed directly by The Village at Skyline Pines, LLC. There is no external management company involved.

What Kind of Security Do You Have?

You’ll find a very sophisticated emergency alert system in each apartment for an immediate response in case of need. Also, we have staff on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all exit doors will be locked at 9:00 pm with the exception of the main door, which will lock at 10:00 pm.

How Often Do You Raise the Monthly Fee?

Raising the monthly fee is a concern to all our residents. Of course, we are very conscious of that concern, but we also don’t want to have to control costs by reducing the services or quality of food. All room and board rates are guaranteed through your residency agreement against increase for 6 months. Level of service charges may be adjusted, but you will be notified and have input prior to that happening. We do require a 30 day cancellation notice.

Do You Have an Entrance Fee?

No. There is no Entrance Fee or Assessment fee. We do have a refundable $1000 security deposit.

Are the Apartments Quiet?

You’ll find that your apartment is especially well insulated to eliminate sounds. This is a high quality structure. They are well insulated to protect your privacy

Are There Kitchens in the Apartments?

We offer a full meal schedule in our monthly fee. Our Assisted Living apartments are equipped with a fridge and a microwave to accommodate this full meal schedule.

Do You Have Laundry Service?

Included as a standard service at no additional charge is flat linen laundry. Other services are available to all residents for a small fee.

What About Housekeeping? How Much Does it Cost?

Included as a standard service at no additional cost are weekly vacuuming, dusting, cleaning of the bathroom(s) and kitchen, and a change of bed linens.

Do You Have Cable Television?

Yes, basic cable television is included at no additional charge. Local programming will be provided under the base rent.

Are the Apartments Furnished?

No. Residents bring their own furniture and personal belongings.

Can Guests Stay in My Apartment With Me?

We welcome your guests. There is no problem with their visiting, but we do ask that you give us advanced notice, and that your guests stay no more than 5 consecutive days.

Do You Have Guest Rooms?

We do not have guest rooms on site, however we do have discounted rooms available at a neighboring hotel for family and frineds of our residents.

Can Guests Eat With Me in the Dining Room? What Does it Cost?

Yes, your guests are welcome to join you in the dining room. All you need to do is call ahead (a day in advance if possible) to make a reservation. The fee for guest meals can be found in the schedule of charges in the resident handbook.

Do You Have a Workshop? Can I Bring My Own Tools?

We have an arts and crafts room where residents can make minor repairs and work on hobbies using either your tools or ours.

Do You Cater to Special Diets?

We consider the diet of every resident in our menu selections. We have a Registered Dietician who assists with diet planning in general and works in more depth when a resident requires therapeutic diet.  We plan our menus for nutrition and health as well as for flavor and appeal. In short, we can acomodate most any diet requirement.

Is There Assigned Seating in the Dining Room?

You are free to choose any table that has been set up. Our dining room manager may also suggest the best seating to facilitate efficient service.

How Do I Get in if I'm Out Late? Will I Get a Key?

The night staff will be able to let you in. However, for security and safety reasons, we ask that you advise the concierge at the front desk if you will be late.

Is There An Age Limit?

We have no maximum, but we do have a minimum age requirement of 55.

Is Smoking Permitted?

Our building is to be smoke free. We will allow smoking in designated areas out of doors.

Can We Have Pets?

Unfortunately, no. Pets are not permitted at The Village at Skyline Pines.

Is There Individual Heating and Air Conditioning Controls in Each Unit?

All Assisted Living apartments are equipped with individual controls. The common areas are controlled by a computerized energy-management system for your comfort.

What Happens if I Become Ill?

Our staff is on call around the clock. Each apartment is provided with emergency pulls in both the bedroom(s) and the bathroom(s). If you require additional care temporarily, we will help you arrange for it through our home health agency.

Will Meals be Brought to My Apartment if I am Ill?

Yes, we are happy to accommodate your request temporarily.. We do ask that our residents come to our dining areas for meals when they are well.

How Are Meals Served?

Meals are served by our professional, friendly servers in our dining rooms. Choices of entrees are available.

Do You Provide Transportation?

There is free scheduled transportation in our community van within a 20 mile radius. We also have a bus to accommodate special events and weekly tours.

Is There Public Transportation Nearby?

Yes, a bus stops at a nearby corner and travels north to the shopping areas and downtown.

Are There Recreation and Exercise Rooms Available?

Yes, we have an exercise room and an art studio, multipurpose room, card room, and library for the use and enjoyment of all our residents.

What Kind of Activities Do You Have?

Activities are held within our building and elsewhere. Our full-time activity director plans a full program of recreational activities, trips, special events, and seminars, which provides for a wide range of interests.

Do You Go On Tours and Trips?

Yes, we have our own van and bus,  which are used for a variety of purposes – shopping excursions, day trips, special events, and tours of the many tourist attractions within driving distance.

Do You Provide Medical Services?

While we are technically a “residential” facility, we do have Nurses and certified caregivers in a variety of positions in order to facilitate care for your medical needs. We do ask that al residents continue care under the direction of their primary care physician.

Do You Allow Wheelchairs?

Many of our apartments are designed for wheelchair use. We try in every way possible to serve your needs and to keep you as part of our family.

Do You Have a Barbershop or Beauty Salon?

Yes, we can accommodate the needs of both male and female residents in our salon.

Who Pays for Utilities?

Electricity, water, sewer, basic cable, and wifi internet charges are included in the monthly fee. Your only utility expenses are your personal telephone, and extended cable television should you choose to purchase those services from the provider..

What is Done in the Event of a Noisy Neighbor?

Because of the quality of construction, we do not anticipate that to be a problem in our building. If it ever is, you may be sure that management will follow up as a matter of courtesy and will attend to the problem.

Do Your Two-Bedroom Apartments Have Two Baths?

Yes, all of our two-bedroom apartments have two baths.