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Breaking Down the Cost: Why Assisted Living IS Affordable

One misconception about assisted living communities is that it is only for the wealthy. However, what most people don’t realize is that many communities are a cost-effective option for senior housing. Let’s break this down.

If you are a homeowner, odds are you pay for the following on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.


-Rent/ Mortgage

-Gas or Electric Oil Bill

-Real Estate Taxes

-Homeowners Insurance

-Gas/ Heating Oil

-Cable TV

-Water/ Sewer

-Trash Collection

-Home Owners Association


-Maintenance/ Repairs

-House Cleaning

-Landscape Maintenance



At Assisted Living communities, like The Village at Skyline Pines, these things are included in the monthly rent. Above is a worksheet to see how much you are actually paying to live at home. Once you do the math, you may be surprised how affordable assisted living is. If you have questions about how to finance a move to an assisted living community, you can call us at (605) 791-5111! We’d be more than happy to help!