Benefits of Moving into an Assisted Living Facility

  1. New opportunities for social connections and friends

In an Assisted Living community, seniors are encouraged by staff and fellow residents to join in on daily activities! Not only does this promote an active lifestyle, but it also is a way to form bonds with others who are going through the same chapter of life.  The longer seniors stay at their Assisted Living facility, the more they feel connected to their community.


  1. No need for a lawnmower, trimmer, or shovel

After years of pushing the mower and suffering back pain while shoveling, it’s finally time to relax. One huge benefit of moving to a senior community is not having to deal with the hassle of yard work. That’s what the maintenance staff is for!


  1. Plenty of activities and amenities

A salon on-site, laundry services provided, a movie theater just steps away from your apartment, what more could you ask for? These are just a few things that Assisted Living communities, like The Village at Skyline Pines, offer. Housekeeping, planned social events, medical assistance, multi-denominational church services, daily exercise in the Wellness Center, and games are also amenities to take advantage of!


  1. The food is delicious

Imagine being able to order off a menu for every meal with restaurant-style dining. Many meals in Assisted Living are crafted to taste good and benefit senior health. From a mouthwatering steak dinner to warm apple cobbler with ice cream, the options are endless!