To devote full and exclusive time and attention, best skills and efforts, during assigned hours at the property, to ensuring the complete occupancy of the property at the earliest time possible and continuously thereafter.

1. To be available and fully prepared to discuss with prospective residents, the facilities and services of the property during assigned working hours, and at such other times as may be requested by prospective residents, and ensure appropriate follow-up with such prospective residents.

2. To be responsible for the development of an Annual Occupancy Development Plan for the property this shall include, but not limited to, the scheduling of social events for prospective residents and their families. The development of third party professional referrals, promoting and advancing referrals by current residents of the property and assisting in the development of ad campaigns, direct mail promotional literature, budgets and other activities reasonably associated with a marketing plan that efficiently maximizes lead generation. The philosophy and message that is expressed should be uniform, comprehensible, appropriate, and consistent with the corporate philosophy of Paradigm Senior Living.

3. Develop quarterly action plans consistent with the approved Annual Occupancy Development Plan and the policies and procedures of the property, that will best assure the success of obtaining executed Residency Agreements with reservation fees and or deposits as soon as practical.

4. Supervise and provide the leadership for the occupancy development plan of the property including cooperation and assisting other members of the occupancy development and operations staff to effectuate maximum marketing results.

5. Under the direction of the General Manager and the Paradigm Marketing Director, organize, coordinate, and monitor the full array of communication channels: advertising, direct mail, endorsements, referrals, public relations programs and events. The media program should efficiently maximize lead generation.

6. Ensure the efficient and effective use of all occupancy development resources, personnel, media, and concessions. Shall be responsible for approving all expenditures of the staff made during assigned hours.

7. Work with established systems to generate leads on qualified prospective residents and to convert leads to current residents. The methods used to implement this system should encompass telemarketing, office procedures, seminars and effective follow-up, and must be logical, simple and effective, while still allowing for accountability.

8. Accurately Prepare and submit according to the established reporting schedule the property’s Daily Census Summary, Lead Tracking Report, Community Networking Report, Monthly Occupancy Summary, Daily Census Summary and all other report as may be required from time to time.

9. Provide appropriate follow-up to all inquiries made by prospective residents concerning the Senior Living community.

10. Shall establish and maintain appropriate systems to accurately monitor each prospective resident’s health status, interest and level of motivation to relocate at the property, as well as an individual action plan that will best assure the success of the quarterly Action Plan and Annual Occupancy Development Plan.

1. When not performing Marketing responsibilities, to devote best efforts and full cooperation with the Manager of the property in the overall operation of the property in accordance with the Management Plan approved by Paradigm.

2. Be actively involved in and provide meaningful input into the preparation, implementation and periodic review of the annual business plan.

3. Advise Paradigm Senior living of operating problems and ways of improving operations and image of the property.

4. Assist in the screening and coordination of assessment, care plan, and move-in with prospective residents.

5. When appropriate, serve as a contact person for members of each resident’s family.

6. Exercise professional judgment in assessing and effectively communicating any changes in resident’s behavior or mental/physical condition to General Manager in a timely fashion prior to and after occupancy by prospect. Accurately and completely document all such changes and events.

7. Conduct yourself and your business at all times so as not to detract from, or to reflect adversely on the reputation of property, and, after the termination of your contract, not to defame or disparage the Senior Living community or Paradigm Inc. nor engage in any unfair trade practices toward the aforesaid companies during or after the term of your employment with Paradigm Senior Living.

8. Present a professional demeanor that communicates to current and prospective residents the corporate philosophy of service, goodwill and genuine interest in their unique needs.

9. Participate in all training programs offered by employer.

10.Under the direction of General Manager, be actively involved with the local community for the purpose of promoting the image and reputation of the property and to ensure familiarity with local community resources that may improve the services provided by the property to its residents.

11.Monitor and report information received from prospective and current residents concerning shifts in preferences, values and attitudes to the General Manager and the Marketing Director.

12. Treat as confidential, any information obtained by him/her concerning the customers and personnel of property and Paradigm Senior Living, or their business, products, techniques, methods, systems, price books, advertising, plans, and policies. Employee will not, during his employment or any time thereafter, disclose such information in whole or in part, to any person, firm, or corporation for any reason or purpose whatsoever.

13. From the time his/her employment commences until the termination thereof, employee shall communicate and channel to employer, all knowledge, business, and other matters of information which could concern or be in any way beneficial to the business of the employer, whether acquired by employee before or during the term of his/her employment, provided, however, that nothing hereunder shall
be construed as requiring such communications where the information is lawfully protected from disclosure as a trade secret of a third party.

Any such information communicated to Employer as aforesaid shall be and remain the property of Employer, notwithstanding the subsequent termination of his / her employment.

14.Perform such other tasks as may be required from time to time by an officer of Paradigm Senior Living or the General Manager of the Senior Living community.

1. A continuous and consistent demonstrated interest in and knowledge about the elderly and their needs and the competency to meet those needs on a consistent basis.

2. An interest in and willingness to learn and a demonstrated initiative in developing skills in caring for the elderly consistent with the philosophy and policies of the community.

3. Demonstrate loyalty to this community.

4. Possess leadership qualities and supervisory skills.

5. Be a positive and cooperative team player with peers and subordinates.

6. Demonstrated ability to appropriately delegate responsibility with necessary authority without relinquishing his/her overall responsibility and accountability for the delegated task.

7. Demonstrated ability to identify problems in a timely manner, develop effective resolutions to those problems and ensure implementation of the proposed resolution, confirm results and revise as necessary.

8. A minimum of three (3) years prior experience in a senior marketing or management position with an operating Senior Living community or related business.

9. High school diploma, higher education, and accompanied by specific training and/or certification in elder care, health administration and management activities.

10.Neat, professional, courteous manner and appearance.

Primary physical requirements:
· Lift up to 10 lbs: Frequently required when lifting resident medical files and supplies weighing approximately 5 to 10 lbs.
· Reach above shoulder height: Occasionally may occur when reaching for items on shelves.
· Reach at shoulder height: Frequently required when reaching for items/supplies on shelves.
· Reach below shoulder height: Occasionally may occur when reaching for supplies or information in drawers.
· Push/Pull: Occasionally may occur if medicine cart needs moving. Typically rolls easily over carpet or tile, weighing approximately 200 lbs.

Hand Manipulation:
· Grasping: Constantly grasping pen/pencil when documenting, ordering, taking orders
· Handling: Constantly handling pen/pencil, paper, answering phone.
· Fingering: If needed, may need to use a computer, answering telephone.
· Controls and Equipment: Fax machine, copier, and other office/medical equipment
Other Physical Considerations:
· Twisting: Occasionally may occur when reaching for files, supplies or equipment.
· Bending: Frequently required when reaching for files, supplies or equipment.
· During an eight (8) hour day employee is required to:

Total Hours
Sit 6.5
Stand 1.0
Walk .5

Work Surface: Varies for carpeting, linoleum, or tile.

Cognitive and Sensory Requirements:
1. Talking: Necessary for communicating with others. Must be able to speak English fluently.
2. Hearing: Necessary for taking instructions from a physician and supervisors. Must be able to read and write English fluently.
3. Sight: Necessary for doing job effectively and correctly. Must be able to read English fluently.

The employee must be able to tolerate a high pace that is typical for an assisted living community.
Based on the guidelines issued by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all employees shall receive a two-step method of TB skin test or a TB blood assay test to establish a baseline within 14 days of employment.