Coronavirus Testing

The South Dakota Department of Health is requiring that ALL residents of The Village at Skyline Pines Assisted living facility, as well as staff who work in the facility be tested for Covid-19.

We plan to begin testing June 8; again, ALL residents in our facility will be tested. The resident’s physician will order the test for each resident and tests will be performed on-site. The specimen is collected via a nasal swab, and is then submitted to the lab for processing. The testing that we will be completing is for the active virus. This is a significant positive step in protecting our residents and staff members from Covid-19 and we applaud the Department of Health’s support and efforts in accomplishing this. Once the test is sent to the lab, it takes approximately up to a week to obtain the results and of course, if we had ANY positive cases, the immediate and appropriate follow up would occur.

As we proceed with this mass testing process, please also be aware that all residents in assisted living are screened on a daily basis for fever and other COVID-19 symptoms. If a resident develops any symptoms at any time, we follow the public health guidance to isolate them and notify their provider, and complete any further assessment or testing that is indicated at that time. We will continue this process, and would communicate any changes in condition to the resident representative.

Thank you, once again, for your continued patience, cooperation, understanding and support while we navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rachelle Frasier
Executive Director